M&G Emozioni was created around ten years ago by Laura Missale and Stefano Ghezzi both highly motivated and creative professionals.

Their drive and creativity has allowed them to produce a range of high quality, visually exciting and innovative products for the hotel, homeware, furniture, decoration and well-being markets.

Since the company began it has seen an exponential increase in the candle and candle container sector allowing it to pass on substantial savings to its customers.

M&G Emozioni also produces candles in containers made of metal and/or plastic and its derivatives.

These candles not only transmit heat, create atmosphere and general feelings of well-being but have done what has never been done before – they have been enclosed within containers that reproduce the same aesthetic characteristics of candle wax while remaining durable and unchanged.”

M&G Emozioni has managed to produce an object made of plastic that looks like wax and conveys all the aesthetic feelings of natural wax such as transparency and luminosity - the essential characteristics that attract people to the romance of candles.

As well as having a highly attractive appearance, our products are long lasting because the container remains unaffected by the burning process and only the candle itself is replaced when worn. The product does not become dirty and is safe because it is not flammable. The container acts as a safeguard as it is fireproof and the flame and candle are contained within it.

Our product has the advantage of being both temperature and shock resistant, with a potential lifespan of years making it a very cost effective product. At the end of its lifespan the base can be recycled.

M&G Emozioni believes that its products are of the highest quality, are well engineered, extremely practical and long lasting and will provide our customers with years of benefits.  To this end we are committed to ensuring the continued success of our company by providing our customers with excellent service and the enduring satisfaction of using our products.

We are proud to share our project with you. 

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